3. UNGH!

  5. It was looking for me.

  7. I needed to draw a Acacia Tree.

  8. Just a dream. I’m thinking in film when i sleep…

  9. I drew and painted this years ago. I really like it and so I keep it with me in my room. It’s time to move out soon. That’s pretty intense.

  10. The face of somebody. I know who it is, but i can’t really put the name. for a number of reasons. I like scanning drawings.

  11. The cover of my drawing book. Can’t remember where i found the pattern, but i dig it.

  12. I was getting heart palpitations. And i was freaking out. So I came to terms with it with this.

  13. Another drawing. Realising things. Just looks nice to me.

  14. I did this tonight. I’ve named him Kalsipher, the King of the Flame. (Although it rules him more than he rules it)


  15. where i start

    So this is the home of ZealousBoon. The gift with passion. What I write from this point onward will hold true in everything that I do. This is not a journal, it’s not an expression; its my gift to you.